No matter what business you’re in, marketing is all about “hitting that home run”, grabbing their attention with IMPACT- and (most importantly) CLOSING THAT DEAL! There has never been a better time to invest in boosting your business performance with the recent explosion of new communication technologies giving way to a world of new marketing plans. And with the advancement in resources and competitive vendorships, showcasing like the “big boys” has become even more affordable and easily available to any size business.

To help our clients successfully means wearing many hats. Meet our team of IMAGEMAKERS- each with their own special talents, resources and expertise. For all the stages of your business, the IMC FAMILY is here to help you establish, expand and stay on top of your game.

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As a Google-owned product, YouTube is now one of the largest search engines with over 120 million views each day. This means videos are SEO-able allowing you to show up in Google and other search engines.

 Video is the most cost-effective medium for the reach and marketing options it carries. With a one-time production fee, they’re more affordable than print advertising, billboards or broadcast commercials.

 Video brings VALUE to your expertise and establishes you as a LEADER IN YOUR INDUSTRY.

 Video is far more ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING than words on a screen. Where websites are a read-only medium, video speaks, has motion, sound with the impact of salesmanship.

 Video puts a TRUSTED FACE to your business: Showing your face publicly to your prospective buyers builds confidence without feeling any sales pressure.

 Video has tons of visual content options and presentation styles available. From top graphics, animation, text overlays, pro-audio sound and hi-def digital quality video presents your pitch clearly and effectively.

 Targeting: Video can precisely target your specific audience regionally and locally while allowing you to send it as a direct marketing piece.

 A great website upgrade: Advanced interactivity and visual dimension to any static website

 Go Viral: Video is easily share-able as links in any email or social media, embeddable in any webpage, easily connected to your QR code and is a portable, automated presentation that takes over delivering your repetitive sales pitch.

Here is your opportunity to have a professional video infomercial, how-to video or spot commercial for your website and web marketing. Take advantage of online exposure and get noticed with the most powerful advertising medium on the web. Call IMC today at: 516-603-1416 to get the facts and details.