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Reducing Risk with Sensible Marketing Tools
By: Leroy Gettz

Whether you're a promoter for musical groups, an entertainment director or an event planner- you understand the work and pressures behind drawing a crowd. IMAGE may be everything but getting that image to move mountains require some serious tools. Logically speaking, all performances and their venues come with a certain level of risk when investing in advertising, marketing and promotion. It is often ranted that you could never over-plan or over-promote when it comes to putting on a show.

Phase 1: Collateral

The event and the performers must come with the basic elements of communication:

1) A brand: a strong name and the look that best speaks to its intended audience.

2) Promotional Photos & Videos: Better than words on paper, entertainment speaks to the right side of the brain as does images. Representing the performance with alluring imagery (both still and moving pictures) speaks volumes.

3) Web tools: By now, the entire planet relies on the internet for information on just about anything. Posting your presence online gets you noticed, heard, seen, understood and shared- far faster and more cost-effectively than any other medium. Web-based tools include:

- a website

- video showcases

- blogs & newsletters

- social media outlets

- regional listings and ads

- pay-per-click advertising

- shopping carts (order tickets online)



Looking for the right web developer means finding someone who can carry out a certain level of care and professional training, attention and follow-through. Because it's for your business, you need him/her to ensure absolute commitment and participation in project meetings and invest a sizeable number of hours in the entire process- from outlining to prototyping to content development to the finalizing stages. In today's market, you're NOT going to get that type of quality attention from a consultant for the price of a PAIR OF SNEAKERS. Where websites take WEEKS and even MONTHS to produce, that $99 consultant would have to trim a tremendous amount of corners, take on hundreds of other quickie-side-jobs simultaneously and limit their production time to a few HOURS in order to afford doing the job for that little money. This also means limiting client communications & collaborative support while sacrificing a tremendous number of vital elements that directly affects the site's quality and intended performance.

By now, many of us have either fallen prey to, or know someone who has been victimized by virtual consultants sight-unseen. Oftentimes, you only correspond with them by email- or a cell # without a face or an office address to ensure accountability. They could be young children or off-shore foreigners or even scammers that bait you with a professional service just to get your credit card info.

The virtual consultant has absolutely no care for research and due diligence to create you an original branding presence- where your site may easily look like 500 other cheap sites that float around in cyberspace. Even more cases involve a remarkably LOW STARTER PRICE followed by a overage bill that you were not expecting at the end.

When it's all said and done, you run the risk of getting a cheap looking amateur template site whose programmatic code, photographic images and graphic elements may be lifted or stolen from other websites (a major copyright infringement that YOU are held liable for). Such stories are all too common about this type of 'web-guy' who many of us once contracted from the darkest pits of the internet.

Please remember that in business, your time is worth $$$ and wasting it by waiting for unresponsive and unprofessional virtual consultants to perform right is a risk and a liability to your bottom line. This article is based on the fact that over 75% of my current website clients are ALL former victims of such practices.

> Beware of "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" prices
> Be an educated shopper- study the price structures and quality standards
> Find a design/developer from personal referrals
> Check their portfolios and their client references carefully

> Take a page from "Old School"... FACE-TO-FACE is solid business sense

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