MOTION. SOUND. SEQUENCE. Captivate with a storyline or present with visual impact. For the past decade, developments in Internet technology have made it possible to deliver increasingly rich and sophisticated video content over web connections through podcast or online video & multimedia technology. Podcasting is an alternative to the conventional broadcast video that allows for fast-downloading “movies” that include animation, audio and special interactive features.  Web-based multimedia technology is the future of internet communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and broadcast methods.

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To capture the market you deserve, presenting with digital video opens an endless array of AV (audiovisual) opportunities. This powerful medium speaks to a number of vital senses at once, impacting its audience better than any communication vehicle available.

IMWORX.COM VIDEO SHOWCASEThe reach of today's video extends to far greater reaches over the web. PODCAST technology (or web-based broadcasting) gets you in touch with your target market so much more easily and cost effectively since video has now become a standard format downloadable by PHONE, DESKTOP, LAPTOP, IPAD and wherever internet is accessible. Within a matter of a few clicks, your marketing message will explode to new lengths of influence.


Our video producers are as much a creative force in branding and communication as with they are disciples of viral marketing. Where the term “THEY’LL TELL TWO FRIENDS” has become today’s web-driven policy, SHARING is the act by which the entire VIRAL community lives by. It is because of this that the current trend of ALL product advertisement, promotion and sales are driven to the AV side of the web-- causing the demand for more bandwith increase. It is this recent web expansion that allows video to freely claim a major share of the 'world’s information library'.
From pop-ups to web links to streaming video versions of broadcast video, today's internet delivers the audio-visual experience that effectively and conveniently draws the consumer to commit to your strategically designed call to action.

Whether you’re promoting a private practice, health products or anything that needs visual presentation, take advantage of the new wave in audiovisual technology. Online videos are produced affordably with a global reach that far exceeds broadcast commercials.

Like Powerpoint on steroids, AV GRAPHICS is widely used in trade shows, seminars and corporate presentations. The same graphics are also embedded in websites to educate, inspire and represent your company message with pizzazz. A self-contained and programmable graphic presentation can carry any website reader into a better understanding at a short time, adding a most vital 'weapon' to your web maketing. From strategic visuals, powerful voice-overs and sound, an investment in animated graphics could be your next home run.

Remember the last great movie you’ve seen? Now cover your ears and watch it again. Suddenly, all the greatness takes a down step. The results of the cinematic presence is largely due to the music score and sound effects with a complete attention-geting package that looks, sounds and feels the right experience.

Now imagine having that same sound studio work for you?

IMC knows PRESENTATIONS. From mood-driving music for your Powerpoint presentation, a compelling composition for a Video or Radio commercial- your project deserves the best and the cleanest recording production available. Add on a team of professional Voice Over Talent and extensive library of music and audio files to bring out the WOW in your visual presentations and you’ve got a complete Audio Studio at your fingertips.

Image Digital Sound Recording studios (and its’ affiliates) delivers the convenient benefits of Broadcast Quality Audio Technology right over the internet. We can cast, produce and record your scripted Voice Talent, music file or sound effect (as a light-weight Mp3 file) and deliver it directly into your own private email in no time. Or choose from our extensive list of prerecorded royalty-free stock music & sound files.

It’s that simple.

No more reels or tape or large bulky equipment to rent; high-priced recording studios are now a thing of the past. The DIGITAL studio is the modern solution that’s affordable for small productions yet powerful in performance and quality accepted and widely used by ALL broadcast studios today.

Maximize your Impact by adding super sounds from Complete Sound Recording to any Multimedia showcase, commercial or CD. From the talent to the director to our endless line of digital equipment, you’ve got your own private recording studio team ready to work when you are! It’s all here and available to you in one website.