No matter what business you’re in, marketing is all about “hitting that home run”, grabbing their attention with IMPACT- and (most importantly) CLOSING THAT DEAL! There has never been a better time to invest in boosting your business performance with the recent explosion of new communication technologies giving way to a world of new marketing plans. And with the advancement in resources and competitive vendorships, showcasing like the “big boys” has become even more affordable and easily available to any size business.

To help our clients successfully means wearing many hats.

Meet our team of IMAGEMAKERS- each with their own special talents, resources and expertise. For all the stages of your business, the IMC FAMILY is here to help you establish, expand and stay on top of your game.

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How can WE work together?
Since inception in 1999, INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS has served the business community by delivering a wide range of B2B marketing vendorships for an unlimited set of client types. Going arm-in-arm with other specialists allowed us to reach more industries and out-perform any single entity- benefitting the client's need for quality and cost efficiency.

This year, we are proud to launch a formalized partnership program seeking out new alliances, new talent and powerful connctions. This campaign bridges all possible opportunities for business exposure and to advance our performance by working with the best to be the best.

1) B2B ALLIANCE / REFERRAL NETWORK: This is a popular way to gain public recognition through the building of trusted connections, business friendships and an alliance based on respect of each others' quality and the care of helping one another. A successful network means getting to know one another and referring business (or resources) wherever possible. Oftentimes, a network alliance is between non-competing entities, but today's alliances often incite the connections between similar businesses in your network which allows for lead sharing, "subbing" or subcontracting of vendor services where overflow may occur. To create a network is to have a private community (or a business family) of virtual partners to co-refer. Reciprocation for this exchange could be in the form of finders fees, commissions, points or barter.

Where two (or more) agencies get together and build a complete entity (or a virtual entity) separate from their original business under a finite time frame. This time set is a vital element in the agreement structure because it gives both parties a means of tracking progress and maintaining control of how and what to invest in the project.

To launch a campaign toward a specific industry, market or commercial angle means creating a new brand, sharing all expenses, marketing efforts, sales efforts, lead management and other resources. Most often, a "virtual brand" ( ie. dot com) shall be established first to test market the venture in order to fairly, evenly and safely advertise and promote without directing hierarchy to either partner. A Joint-Venture pursues equal investment on both parties with the goal of achieving a larger marketing essence (visibility) and public appeal due to multiple service sets offered. Both parties have much to gain from a Joint Venture as it often covers larger ground demographically where the entities are reaching out to a greater number of leads per region.

To co-market is often implemented as a way of sharing advertising exposure by branding multiple services or co-invest in a marketing campaign. The results often lead to collaborating on the same client project where efforts can be joined for efficiency. This alliance also allows for opportunities for profit sharing and equity partnerships.

3) RESELLER PARTNER (Wholesale): Though Intermedia Communications is a full service agency, we also serve individualized service sets and package solutions for outside agencies through private and exclusive partnerships. Resellers of our services are usually ADVERTISING, MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATIONS services. We also have IT (TECHNOLOGY) COMPANIES who represent our Web Development/Design and Search Engine marketing services for resale to their clients. This relationship calls for a private (non-disclosure) agreement between our group and the reselling entity to set up a price structure that allows the reseller a viable profit structure within our re-priced fees. Under this relationship, Intermedia Communications is also prepared to fulfill rebranded collateral (webpage, flyers, ads, banners etc), a full catalog of services, rebranded mailers and other collateral materials that would aide the reseller in marketing our services.

"GIVE TO GROW"- the golden rule of genuine networking, bridging strong alliances and mutual exchange. Giving is the ultimate olive-branch awakening the true meaning of 'connection'. INVEST in their interests while inspiring a powerful message of leadership, togetherness and compassion- the very core of all partnerships."

4) BARTER: This age-old business transaction goes back since the beginning of time and is one of the most powerful vendor-2-vendor exchange to date. Where vendor resources can directly affect your bottom line, exchange of services between two consenting businesses can help raise both parties to amazing heights of performance. A barter partnership can be a stand-alone agreement or is something that is often initiated from any one of our various list of relationship models (on this page) and allows for helping one another on a trackable and response-driven way.

5) VENDOR-PARTNER (Subcontract): Oftentimes, we hire consultants and other specialized agencies whose key roles are to perform with our current client projects. Other cases may also include contracting an individual or agency on a per-project basis or set up a rebrand agreement where that agency performs on a project or marketing outreach under our brand, making US the reseller-partner of their service.

6) BROKERAGE: Independent brokers or "vendor-reps" carry the sole function of performing wholesale-to-retail sales. They are neither suppliers, developers, producers or warehousers of any product. They are freelance sales professionals with relationships to agencies or end users. They have no allegiance to any particular vendor but they have PREFERRED manufacturers/producers to get the best bid price. The broker may assemble a campaign (multiple projects under one bill) where various vendors may be involved- based on price, specialty service(s) and/or other factors that can affect the outcome of the bid such as geography, size vs. speed, equipment, work history or people-power- and the broker would assemble a proposal based on what he/she finds the most suitable fit for their client.

7) PROJECT COLLABORATION: Cases may involve a complex project that requires more than one specialty group working on its execution. The project manager (often the main vendor of the client) assembles multiple vendors to perform a set of tasks that lead to the completion of that project. Vendor #1 may "own the deal" would call on another entity to join in many aspects of the planning, the creative, the design/development etc. while allowing the collaboration partners to participate in the vital stages of production. Collaboration is an exciting way to satisfy a major project and (if managed correctly) leads to better success due to dedicated feedback and input from various angles of professional accountability.

8) MUTUAL SHARE SHOWCASING PARTNER: This is a win-win opportunity to expand our work samples (portfolio) that could greatly benefit the receiving end of this unique partnership model. Stemming from the term "pro bono" (which directly translates as "for the public good" as per the legal industry)-- we initiate a no-charge or mostly zero-charge vendorship agreement to a specific entity, usually one with major public appeal. The attraction of this "pro-bono" leverages the end user client to have the best possible product/service that's usable for their marketing while we produce a show-piece that promotes our best effects without limitations. This exchange benefits both our marketing efforts and is a great way to build a lasting relationship as well.


Almost similar to a barter, we exchange our top services for the client's impression and together, we leverage each other as complete allies. This special financial arrangement is a mutual share bringing both parties to invest in each other on a project that is visually powerful and brand-wise impressive while saving the end-client on a production that would otherwise carry a major invoice. Another great possibility of this relationship is an audition for future work and a strong business connection. (See our first pro-bono video for Indian Motorcycle).

To find out more information about our partnership program and where you best fit in our vendor community, contact us today at: or contact Grace Dellavalle- director of venture partnerships at: 772-245-8037