VISUALS. MOTION. SOUND. SEQUENCE. captivate with a storyline or present with visual impact. For the past several years, developments in Internet technology have made it possible to deliver increasingly rich and sophisticated video content over web connections through podcast or online video & multimedia technology. Podcasting is an alternative to the conventional broadcast video that allows for fast-downloading “movies” that include animation, audio and special interactive features.  Web-based multimedia technology is the future of internet communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and broadcast methods.

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There is no better way to grow your business than with the strength of PRESENCE. To compete means positioning your brand with confidence and dynamic imagery within an explosive business era of unlimited options and strategies. Moreover, cost factors have now become surprisingly more competitive than ever while getting your name out there has never been more exciting.

This year, your marketing schedule calls for UPDATING your current tools, UPGRADING to modern methods and exploring higher avenues of visibility. Reviewing your sales tools is the first step. Conduct an AUDIT of your print collateral, leave behinds and mailers and you may find yourself in great need of a complete facelift. A simple call to our IMC commercial design staff and content building team to boost your sales presence and complete business impression. Your sales reps (and your receivables) will thank you for it!

Perhaps your lead generation and sales efforts are in the V2.0 stage. This might be your year to get noticed in the trade show circuit where "the big boys" showcase their products and services. Check out our complete line of displays, banner stands and show accessories that's sure to be a showstopper in every port. Our IMC advisors will assemble a custom show package that won't break the bank while arming your presentation to break into new sales territories.

Or if multimedia is your arena, dedicate your resources in current web marketing avenues that gets you found at a click of a mouse. VIDEOS are now a large part of internet marketing since the explosion of YOUTUBE and the many video streaming platforms. With the social media business engine and the advancement of processing hardware & internet download speeds, video marketing is the new viral super-highway.

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