Infomercial: MODERN PAIN RELIEF   Educational Video Intro: ISLAND BETTER HEARING


"Over 9 months ago, we were approached by a barrage of web-based advertising agencies and listing companies- all trying to ge us to post in their websites. Everyone asked if we had a VIDEO (and of course we didn't). We considered producing it ourselves but we found it was not as easy as it looks and that it took too much time away from our day work. Months after IMC (InterMedia Communications) produced our sales, testimonial and educational video series, it was clear to us that EVERYONE IS ONLINE and that one's business reputation and public presence can be forged by a video because everyone could see into who we are and what we were all about. To get FACE-TIME with the public is so fast and easy just by logging into YouTube. And to win their trust happens on an electronic level that getting that first phone call from someone that starts with "I saw your website and your video..." means they've already been convinced, or at least prepped for what we can do." - DR. LORI TRENTACOSTE

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  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and is owned by Google with over 100 million views each day. (positioning your business in YouTube is a wise choice)
  • Videos are SEO-able where it easily shows up in Google and adds top rankings in Search Engines Faster
  • Where websites are reader-only, a Video speaks, has motion, sound and the impact of salesmanship. Gets the point across faster than reading words
  • Video's immediate interactivity is far more ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING than words on a screen
  • Puts a FACE to your business… showing your face publicly to your prospective buyers builds trust
  • Tons of content options available
  • A professional presentation with graphics, pro-audio sound and hi-def digital quality easily presents your products, services & your business in the best light
  • A great website upgrade : Advanced interactivity and visual dimension to any static website
  • Go Viral: Videos are easily share-able as links in any email or social media, embeddable in any webpage, connectable with your QR code and is a portable digital sales rep under 2 minutes
  • Cost-effective and result-driven as a webmarketing tool
  • Accessible and sendable from anywhere: pc, phone, email, website, ipad etc
  • Dominate your competition: be the EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD