"Our business has thrived successfully for decades simply from word of mouth. We've been the top dog of the North Shore since my father got his first contract in 1951. But since then, "word of mouth" evolved into TEXTS, IM'S, TWEETS, LIKES and LINKS. To keep up with the times means understanding video marketing and web marketing and internet videos. It didn't take long to get us local and regional attention. With the web being what it is (it's in your office, home and even your phone), having a fast video means they can see and hear who we are. It's like having your own tour guide or salesman doing the talking FOR you 24-7!

Once you have the right tools and understand what to do with them, it's so easy (and so much better) to advertise online. Today, we get a much better flow of traffic and visibility than the local papers could ever give us - and prospects who call us have a better understanding of who we are because they check out our website and our videos first."

Distefano Landscaping &
Garden Center of Roslyn, NYFG


SERVICE PROVIDERS & NEWBIE MARKETERS! Now you too can afford to compete and market on YOUTUBE- the web's most popular sales/promotional platform. Our ECONOMY VIDEOS make it simple for you to highlight your best images, photos and the important features of your business with IMAGE, MOTION & SOUND!

For a small fraction of the cost of a full video production (and with next to no effort on your part), you'll be posted in YOUTUBE in no time. All we need is a set of photos of your best work, your logo, a scripted announcement and you're on your way to podcast history. Ideal for EMAIL BLASTS, CRAIGSLIST postings, WEB INSERTS, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE MARKETING, ANGIE'S LIST and the thousands of other places that video makes a big splash. Inquire today about how you can take advantage of this powerful and cost-effective marketing weapon to get you noticed & recognized and you too can become their next preferred vendor. Drop our producers a line at


  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and is owned by Google with over 100 million views each day. (positioning your business in YouTube is a wise choice)
  • Videos are SEO-able where it easily shows up in Google and adds top rankings in Search Engines Faster
  • Where websites are reader-only, a Video speaks, has motion, sound and the impact of salesmanship. Gets the point across faster than reading words
  • Video's immediate interactivity is far more ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING than words on a screen
  • Puts a FACE to your business… showing your face publicly to your prospective buyers builds trust
  • Tons of content options available
  • A professional presentation with graphics, pro-audio sound and hi-def digital quality easily presents your products, services & your business in the best light
  • A great website upgrade : Advanced interactivity and visual dimension to any static website
  • Go Viral: Videos are easily share-able as links in any email or social media, embeddable in any webpage, connectable with your QR code and is a portable digital sales rep under 2 minutes
  • Cost-effective and result-driven as a webmarketing tool
  • Accessible and sendable from anywhere: pc, phone, email, website, ipad etc
  • Dominate your competition: be the EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD