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In today's martket, NOT having a website is one of the biggest strikes to your public presence. But having web presence means keeping it current, competitive and appealing to the everyday browser.
  • KEEP CURRENT BRAND: Compete within your arena by showing fresh content and a strong, modern impression that says "you're on top of your game"
  • "LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION" FOR ALL MEDIA: WIth the popular smar phones or i-phones and tablets, business access has never been more PRO-WEBSITE. Get the lion share of your market by having presence where your target shops the most!
  • LISTINGS: Post website listings sites (like Superpages, Craigslist etc)- anywhere that there is traffic looking for your type of business
  • ADVERTISING BASE: Drive people to your site when advertising (print or web) as a convenient way to help them learn about you and CONTACT you.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Having a website is that easy-to-share "www" that helps you get referrals.
WHAT IS THIS SYMBOL? Unless you just weren't paying attention, these QR CODES are officially everywhere! It's on food packaging, trucks, posters, retail signs, magazine ads, store windows and every surface a smart phone can scan it. It's a simple way to promote your website. Simply point your phone to it and my website quickly shows up in your phone! A great way to connect with anyone's phone or tablet!
  • SALES PRESENCE: When you hand someone a business card, the natural 'first move' that anyone does (nowadays) is to check your website. This is your opportunity to give them the impression they're looking for and WOW them to the next step towards doing business.
  • COT EFFECTIVE and result-driven as a webmarketing tool
  • RANKING: Once you have a well-tuned site, you can compete for search engine ranking and advance your business by being found easily online by search crawlers and shoppers
  • RESPONSE DRIVEN ELECTRONIC MEDIA: You can insert many interactive tools on your website to work directly with your clients or prospects. Today's website tools allow you to fill out forms, download documents, calculate rates, see videos, shop online and communicate with you in real time.

2013 Website Design Showcase

Your company has reached its milestones in the industry. You are recognized for your exemplary performance, your achievements and your historical success record. It's time to reflect this in your global presence by representing yourself on the global internet with a completely custom website make-over. IMC's web division has professional publicity writers, audio-visual experts, multimedia animators and award winning commercial designers that will construct your ultimate web presence that speaks volumes about you as an industry leader. Our creative development team puts you in the driver's seat to deliver your voice throughout the entire message of the site. From video productions, animated infomercials, photo showcases, press releases and e-newsletters, our IMC web development team combines the impact of public relations, marketing, advertising, branding and educational presentations to support the recognition you deserve.

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Corporate Website Package
Competitive branding requires dynamic use of a powerful logo, fresh website content and stunning corporate graphics. By investing in a complete website, you're able to compete with the "big leagues" while capturing even more attention and impressions that translates into strong business relationships. The "Get Noticed" package fulfills all the most essential info about your company, its staff, your products or services and other marketable content that supports the strength of your business- including additional brow-raising upgrades that separates you from the rest. A website by IMC ensures ease of use so your audience will enjoy surfing your website time and time again.

(See samples: 1 | 2 | 3 )
The Starter Page
A website is one of today's standard business tools and your business needs web presence in every stage of its growth process. Whether you're a startup company or one that's new to the web, you need a suitable domain name and a starter page to launch your marketing online. IMC will convert your current print brochure or design/build a concise web-based informational web page with your company's most vital marketing information to get you underway marketing online. When you're ready, the starter page is designed to be expandable into your future multi-page site.

(See samples: 1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5 | 6 )

Web Maintenance & Marketing
All websites require continued maintenance. Once we're done producing your website, you can purchase a maintenance contract that's right for your needs- to make sure that our management team is available to update your site. Your 'web-admin' is on call to handle any and all adjustments to your site including content adjustments, adding additonal pages and tech administration of your webhost and domain(s). IMC is there every step of the way.

Need visibility? Our webmarketing experts can provide a wide array of solutions to increase your visibility over the world wide web. From web advertising to search engine optimization, creating blogs and e-news to pay-per-click management- you've got specialized web promoters available to bring more click-throughs and hits onto your site.